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 【Wechat:taiwan1413】 Joyce taiwan escort. for relaxing Sex services 8k

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注冊日期 : 2016-12-17

發表主題: 【Wechat:taiwan1413】 Joyce taiwan escort. for relaxing Sex services 8k   周六 7月 01, 2017 2:30 pm

Dear Friends,
My name is Joyce and I can help you to find high-end girls in Taiwan for relaxing Sex services. You can contact me at:
WeChat :taiwan1413
Email :
More girls in here:
Accept cash only / outgoing motel or hotel / guarantee safe
Type of girls:
Housewife,massage girl,counter girl,Ad star,Korean girl, white collar,student,nurse,hot chick,secretary,s nightclub babes, Air stewardess, model,Basketball baby,school beauty, auto show model,internet model girl, high quality cover-page girl,TV show girl and so forth
Girl Age :18-32
Girl Language: Mandarin, English
Girl Services : bath, oral, sex
Service areas: of Taipei * Hsinchu * Taichung * Kaohsiung * Taoyuan * Tainan * Chungli * Pingtung*Nantou*Chiayi *Hsinchu
Opening Hours: 1 pm to 3 am in the morning

Important: when you contact me, please specify your requirement in terms of :
1. your price range (Price=quality)
2. girl's age, height, body figure (like what CUP)
3. other special request if any

if you are happy with girl's appearance at first sight (no action taken), please send her away at no cost. I will happy to re-send a girl till your satisfaction. But be sure you have specified your requirement.
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【Wechat:taiwan1413】 Joyce taiwan escort. for relaxing Sex services 8k
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